Masculine and Feminine

The Dance of the Masculine Particle and Feminine Wave

A particle is an individuated or fragmented part of a greater collective. Particles are points of consciousness. They are individuated expressions of divine essence which can be quantified. Each particle is a unique expression of awareness. The particle expresses the "I am" consciousness. A wave, on the other hand, is a collective force. It is a qualitative energy, a collective vibration. Waves express the "We are" consciousness.

Yet the paradox is that particles emit waves as they express themselves in the world. They are also part of a greater wave of collective energies around them. And waves are composed of a collective of particles. Think of the individuated water particles which make up a wave in the ocean. It is important to remember that every particle is a holographic fragment of a greater collective wave, and that the wave plays an essential role in what is created by the individuated particle. Together, the wave and particle both mirror and co-create their own unfoldment.

Individual consciousness is like a particle. Collective consciousness is like a wave. The wave is feminine in nature. The particle is masculine. A wave, upon encountering a particle, causes an impulse to arise from that particle. This impulse, in turn, influences/changes the wave. This never-ending, ever-changing dance between the wave and the particle mystically mirrors and molds the experience of both each particle and the grand wave of all existence as our individual and collective experience of life unfolds in the universe.

It is the dance between the feminine/wave and the masculine/particle which invites powerful transformation. The masculine can fear being swallowed by the immense unknown of the feminine. The feminine can fear having her beautiful wholeness pierced and fragmented by the masculine. Yet when they each open to the invaluable gifts that the other brings, magic happens.

Looking at this from a universal perspective, the great divine wave of All This Is has fractured itself into countless individuated particles or nodes of consciousness. Each particle in existence, each of the infinitude of individuated pieces of the collective wave of All That Is, is also a divine, integrated part of the holographic wave of all existence. Each divine particle and the divine wave in which it swims are mirror reflections of each other as they co-create the dance of life.

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